Concrete Floor Insulation Solution

With enhanced durability, high compressive strength, and good moisture resistance, advanced Remak® XPS is an ideal insulation material for all types of floors.


Remak® XPS foam is considered the best floor soundproofing material today, with maximum sound transmission class can reach 80dB and impressive compression strength. They do not decrease sound insulation performance under constant load

XPS foam is light weight and easy to apply, providing a particularly optimal concrete floor soundproofing solution for office buildings, apartment buildings or bars, karaoke, etc.

High-tech extruded Remak® XPS is the only concrete floor insulation material among today’s insulation materials capable of withstanding wet environments. You can place them directly on the floor and cover with DPM waterproofing layer (which acts as a barrier between the insulation layer and the concrete floor). This option saves both time and materials.

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Building's lifespan increasing

Remak® XPS protects buildings from extreme weather, thereby increasing the lifespan of buildings.

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Excellent Thermal Insulation

With an impressive thermal conductivity 0.027W/mK, our Remak® XPS foams are ideal for insulation projects.

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Convenient for Site Construction

Our XPS boards are light for easy installing without affecting the bearing capacity of the structure, and can be cut on site for quick construction.

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The stability of polystyrene gives our Remak® XPS a longer lifespan, making it usable for more than 30 years.

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Good Sound Insulation Effect

Remak® XPS with a closed cell structure is a soundproof material and capable of reducing noise transmission.

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Remak® XPS is 100% recyclable. It is used for circular construction projects and can be reused in our XPS production process instead of being released into the environment.

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Great Moisture Resistance

Our XPS insulation foams' closed cell structure ensure low water absorption and high moisture resistance

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Reliable Flame Retardation

Our XPS boards are compliant with B1 flame standards, reduce fire hazards and ensure fire safety in constructions.

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No Mildew

Remak® XPS does not absorb moisture, so it does not present a favorable environment for mold and bacteria to grow.

Technical Specifications

Concrete Floor Insulation Products

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Remak® XPS Heavyload 400
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Remak® XPS Heavyload 600
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Remak® XPS Heavyload 800
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Remak® XPS Ultralight 300
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Remak® XPS FireOFF 300
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Remak® XPS FireOFF 400
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Remak® XPS Frozen 300
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Remak® XPS Frozen 400
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Remak® XPS Frozen 600