Currently, XPS has become the preeminent choice for cyclical and sustainable construction and architecture projects (ease of transport, simple – quick construction, resource consumption reduction, waste reduction, energy-saving, longevity of the building, etc.) all over the world as well as in Vietnam. At the same time, the green material Remak® XPS contributes to creating a healthy and harmonious living space for everyone.

The roles of Remak® XPS foam in construction projects, Green Buildings meeting LEED standards:

Advanced insulation materials allow to improve insulation efficiency, reduce construction investment capital and costs, increase the value of construction projects, and contribute to environmental protection.

For residential construction, the main role of Remak® XPS foam insulation is to help improve the energy saving features of the house/building by minimizing heat transfer through walls and roofs.

In addition, Remak® XPS also reduces noise from the outside, creating a safe and comfortable living environment; reduces heavy workload, thereby minimizing the costs of construction investment and the costs of materials such as cement, iron and steel, etc.


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Good Thermal Insulation

With an impressive thermal conductivity 0.027W/mK, our Remak® XPS foams are ideal for insulation projects.

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Compressive Strength

Remak® XPS with high compressive strengths between 100kPa to 1000kPa is capable of withstanding heavy & dynamic loads and strong impact.

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Execellent Sound Insulation

Remak® XPS has a closed cell structure, thereby this foam sheet is a soundproof material and capable of reducing noise transmission.

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Great Moisture Resistance

Our XPS insulation foams' closed cell structure ensure low water absorption and high moisture resistance

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Remak® XPS is 100% recyclable, perfectly suited for circular construction projects and even can be used as a raw material in our own production process. Thus, we reduce our environmental impact to a minimum

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Long lifespan

The stability of polystyrene gives our Remak® XPS a longer lifespan, making it usable for more than 30 years.

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Reliable Flame Retardation

Our XPS boards are compliant with B1 flame standards, reduce fire hazards and ensure fire safety in constructions.

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Light weight

Thanks to the light weight, our Remak® XPS boards are easy to carry and transport to the job site.


Giải pháp toàn diện của Xốp Remak® XPS

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Heat and sound insulation for light partition wall

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Heat insulation and moisture resistance solution for pool projects

Heat insulation and moisture resistance for basement and cellar

Solution for traffic lane’s foundation

External wall insulation

Insulation Solution for Refrigerated Truck Bodies



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