Heat insulation for the building not only helps maintain a stable temperature, providing a comfortable living space, but also helps you lower your monthly electric bill. One of the areas that are exposed to the sunlight and absorb the most heat from sun, which needs to be insulated first, is the wall, partition wall. Remak® XPS provides effective heat and sound insulation with low cost and easy construction.

Single-layered walls

Single-layered wall or 10-centimeter wall is commonly used in construction in Vietnam, especially in tight spaces, such as street houses, because of its being fast to install, low budget, and square area saving.

However, since it is single-layered, the ability to insulate heat, cancel noise, and prevent moisture is low, and it is easy to break down over time than other types of wall.

The simple and effective way to insulate thermal, cancel noise, and prevent moisture for single-layered walls is by using high-tech Remak® XPS foam.

Remak® XPS consists of PS plastic molecules. The foams are so light and have a closed molecular structure with extreme connection created after a heating and extrusion process on an advanced production line while using environmentally friendly materials. For that reason, the ability to insulate sound and thermal, the ability to withstand compresion as well as the ability to prevent moisture of this foam are better than other types of insulation foam such as EPS, PE, PU or PS plastic.

Double-layered walls

Since a double-layered wall is thicker than a single-layered wall, its ability to insulate sound and heat of seems to be better. However, in the hot and humid tropical weather conditions of Vietnam, double-layered walls with common structures, especially those West – facing wall, are unable to match the heat insulation demand because they do not have the gap for air to circulate and radiate heat. Moreover, the fact that there is no gap to dissipate sound leads to lower noise cancellation.

Instead of traditionally building a double wall in the style of 2 vertical – horizontal alternating with a 1:1 ratio (i.e., build 1 vertical row, then 1 horizontal row), or 5:1 ratio (5 vertical rows: 1 horizontal row), the solution of building a double wall with a gap in the middle and then fill the gap with a layer of Remak® XPS insulation foam has been proven to increase heat resistance and noise reduction. Due to the very low coefficient of thermal conductivity (approximately 0.0289w/m.k), the high-tech Remak® XPS has excellent thermal insulation.

According to the demands and requirements of heat and sound insulation of each project with double-layered walls involved, it is possible to choose from different types of Remak XPS like 2.5cm or 5cm type with different proportions to create efficiency and low budget.

Facade Walls

With the harsh tropical climate, typically hot and humid, a lot of rainfall in Vietnam, it is very important to insulate facade wall.

Unlike built-in heat and sound insulation panels, the protection panels for the outside walls have to constantly face the unpredictable environment so they need to hold within them the durability and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Not only do they prolong the service life of buildings, but some heat insulation materials used for outside walls even also help reduce heat conduction, and sound transmission, bring about a more comfortable living and working space.

Heat and sound insulation high-tech extruded polystyrene Remak® XPS panels not only have the ability to exceptionally withstand compression, but they are also a kind of unique material with the ability to prevent water absorption, and resist the highly moist environment. Research and testing show that the water-holding capacity of XPS foam sheets is less 1% by volume. This property is almost preserved during the usage without being affected by environmental factors.

Light partition walls

Unlike partition walls made from traditional brick, light partition wall with high-tech Remak® XPS holds many other distinguishing factors: lightweight, ease of installation; fire spread prevention, waterproof; good sound and heat insulation; low thermal conductivity coefficient, and high noise reduction coefficient.

In the past, to build a firm partition to separate areas for houses or offices, factories, workshops, etc., brick is a common choice.

However, since the birth of Remak® XPS with many outstanding advantages such as the ability to resist heat, cancel noise, prevent fire spread, be waterproof, light weight, ease of installation, and health safety…, this type of foam is used more often in producing light panels for partition wall.

Remak® XPS partition wall panel is certified as a perfect material suitable as a replacement for the brick wall as well as other common construction materials.

Lightweight Double-layered Metal Wall Partitions

Double-layered Metal Wall Partition is so familiar in construction works in the world as well as in Vietnam because of its advantages, such as: fast construction, effective sound insulation – heat insulation, high aesthetics and low cost.

In addition to applications in construction of production plants, factories, warehouses, clean rooms, cold storage…, corrugated iron walls are also commonly used in civil construction works: temporary houses, motels, prefab houses, room dividers, etc.

Soundproofing – insulation corrugated iron wall panel has a structure of 3 layers: 2 outer layers are corrugated iron and the middle layer is sound-insulating material. The core layer is usually made from different cotton and foam materials, creating different types of panels such as: XPS foam panel, EPS foam panel, PU foam, rockwool panel, glasswool panel. In particular, Remak® XPS foam panel is an increasingly popular and trusted product.

Corrugated iron wall panel with the core layer is Remak® XPS foam has a series of outstanding features, fully meeting technical and construction standards in terms of sound insulation – heat insulation, waterproofing, spread fire prevention, bringing about comfort and safety for buildings.

Basement Walls

Basements and cellars often have the common characteristic that they are easily affected by temperature, humidity, and water vapor. Controlling stable temperature, and maintaining a suitable level of humidity are the most important requirements, directly related to the preservation and quality assurance of stored goods in these works.

Built underground, partly or more than one-half of theirs height below curb level, so heavy rains can cause water to take over your basement or cellar quickly , or ground water leaking into through the wall, floor, and ceiling structures. Meanwhile, the heat conduction and heat loss inside the basement lead to moisture and condensation with an unpleasant moldy smell.

Heat insulation for basement and cellar using lightweight advanced Remak® XPS panels is proven to be the perfect solution that helps to reduce heat conduction and maintain a stable temperature. Therefore, basement areas do not differ much in temperature, which causes less mildew phenomenon. If install XPS outside the basement structure, the thermal efficiency is not affected.

Manufactured from advanced extrusion technology, with a low thermal conductivity coefficient, outstanding compression-withstanding performance, good moisture resistance, ease of installation, and environmental friendliness, Remak® XPS is used to install both inside or outside of the basement structure (according to each construction). It can also be used for any parts of the building, such as: floor, inner wall, outer wall, rooftop, ceiling, etc